Monday, March 12, 2007

LHC Anniversary

My first posting in this blog was 2 years ago, rambling about needlecraft. Back then I wasn't so sure of what to write. Simply wanted to share my passion for needlecraft with needlecraft enthusiasts around the world and as well as my family and friends.

I started blogging using other domains some time early 2005, and later found that Blogspot allows me to be creative. Though I'm not an IT expert, I like 'playing' with the codes and HTML lingo. During the 1st of blogging, I've done quite a lot of code changes to get more personalized blog appearance (at times, thought of moving to another domain... me fickle-minded hehehehe ). Slowly I stop playing with codes as I need more time stitching. Still, I enjoy blogging as well as blog hopping. There are lots of fun and interesting blogs that I frequently visit.


- Azie - said...

Happy 2nd Anniversary LHC !!

Jeni said...

Hi Zalita,

I just discovered what RR means haha. I really would like to join you guys with the exchange and all tapi takut if I haven't enough bahan-bahan to stitch and not sure if Riyadh has a very reliable snail mailing system. Nanti pos-pos tak sampai pulak hehehe.

-Jeni the newbie-

z_mnor said...

Thank you Azie!

Hi Jeni!
I know what is like being on foreign soil. I found that somehow RR, exchanges & SALs are kind of ways to get to know other stitchers better. But if we were unsure of the mailing system... takut siput dehydrated plak hehehehe... ilal liqa' fi cyberworld ;)