Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Chicken Scratch Heart

This morning after browsing the internet, I felt the urge to do a chicken scratch embroidery.

Actually when I first saw chicken scratch on the web last year, it had reminded me of my tweenie years. I learned how to embroider when I was in a boarding school and my 1st project was done on a gingham fabric. I was tempted to try chicken scratch after seeing the website but unfortunately at that time I was pretty busy with cross sttich exchanges. And today, I re-visited the website and immediately took out my sewing kit & checkered cloth and started the chicken scratch heart project.

Chicken Scratch Heart

It didn't take much time to embroider small pattern likes this. Simple yet attractive.

closer view


Adam said...

"Chicken Scratch Heart". Now thats an interesting name. ;-)

Zohrah said...

That looks very pretty. I went to the CSH website and read the instructions and don't understand them. What about the does it looks like?

Chloe said...

Oh Very Nice - I have been collecting information on it for a while, but haven't actually stitched any yet - but I haven't actually put needle to fabric for Chicken Scratch. But don't think I will be able to resist much longer.

Yours does look good.

z_mnor said...

hehehe Adam

intersting name, interesting kind of embroidery : )

z_mnor said...


you may visit the other website

Though the back of stitching is not as neat as XS piece (back), it is not haywire as well.

z_mnor said...


you must not resist any longer *wink*

BTW, your CQ projects are awesome : )