Tuesday, July 26, 2005

'Flowers for a Friend'

A freebie from World of Cross Stitching magazine July 2005 issue. I am one of Forever Friends fans, who always bought the greeting cards (by Hallmark) during my school years. I'm really happy to get this XS kit as a freebie. Regardless the amount of backstitch that I had to do, I really enjoyed stitching this lovely bear - so adorable and irresistable ;)

Flowers for a Friend

I think I need to buy a pastel or wood colour square frame. It will be look nicer compare to the current navy blue frame.

closer view

My next-to-do Forever Friends chart is 'A Perfect Summer' from Quick & Easy magazine June2005 issue.


Zohrah said...

Is that navy blue as on my pc it looks black...yup and wood colour frame would look better.

But if you plan to stick flower buds or butterfly on the frame...it would brings out the picture. Maybe pink colour squiggle on the frame.

I've dyed the cloth turquoise so it's going to be a next project. I did the one with buoquet and half body (can't remember which Q&E issue) Another freebie. It took me one whole month as I keep putting it away for the different tones are killing my eyesight and painful stabbing of backstitching...silly me as I used blunt needle (later I learn.. use the embroidery needle) but after completing them...well worth it!

z_mnor said...

thanks for the ideas Zohrah ;)

yes, the colour of the flosses sometimes tricked my eyes also. Lesson learnt huh? hehehe, always keep an embroidery needle in your sewing kit. It is really superb for backstitching & fractional stitches on aida *wink*

Do post your WIP Forever Friends on your blog whenever you are free. I Would love to see the progress.

~Harsha~ said...

oh cheeze, thats adorable. i think it will look nicer in a pastel purple frame, with wood cut outs of butterflies?

z_mnor said...

thank you Sha for the idea *wink*

Anonymous said...

Aww that's so cute. I love these cute bears.

z_mnor said...

thank you Karen for visiting : )