Tuesday, July 12, 2005

UFO Story

I was still not in the stitching mood on Sunday but somehow I managed to do the finishing-off for one of the UFOs ~ a simple pincushion.

I had actually stitched this freebie pattern of Elizabeth's Designs for quite sometime. It was me who always procastinating with the finishing *LOL*. Sometimes when I feel like stitching, I will stitch small patterns without knowing what to do with it. This pattern was one of such cases : )

I stitched the XS piece onto the floral-print cotton. It is very simple and easy to do pincushion.

simple pincushion

I am still indecisive with the stitched piece below:

pattern by Claire Crompton

I simply love this pattern and have to admit that this is the 2nd time I stitched the pattern. I've made the 1st piece into a birthday card for a friend. Any suggestions for the 2nd piece? Maybe a needlebook or another pincushion or mini wall-hanging? Another stitched card?


Zohrah said...

I like the pattern and it is really a waste to go on a card. How about making it into a diary jacket? If it is too small, stitched on to a red gingham jacket. And whoever is getting it could have a small diary/notebook where can write down anything.

z_mnor said...

Zohrah, thanks for the idea : )