Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Card for a Birthday Gal

stitched card for Sue

This is one of the stitched cards I made for August birthday gals. I took the pattern from WOCS magazine (The World of Cross Stitching) freebie - 101 birthday charts booklet. I made a minor adjustment to the pattern and done some colour changes to suit the card blank. I put some wadding/batting under the stitched piece to get a slighlty padded/plump look but it didn't show in a photo. I got the card blank from my stitching friend, Nik. I always like round/oval/heart-shape aperture card blanks but I don't have the right gadget to make one. Nik who has lots of card-making stuff sells her own range of card blanks at reasonable price.

I have another pics of stitched cards for August birthday gals but they have not reach the recipients yet. Will upload more pics once the cards are safely in the hands of the birthday gals.


Carol said...

What a sweet card - so pretty :-) Your pal will love it!

z_mnor said...

Thank you Carol :)