Friday, August 05, 2005

Good Time Frogging & DOTW Update

orchid awaits

Have fun frogging? NOOOOO....I hate frogging! It is the least thing I like to do when stitching...yucks!

Well, last Friday we were overnighting at the hotel located on the other side of the city. It is the same hotel we stayed when we first came here 2 years ago ~ located on the rocky shore of Miri overlooking South China Sea. Was under a different management last time,
Marriott has took over the management several months ago. They revamped the interior look of the rooms. The ambience is as serenade as I wish, reminds me of hotel rooms in Dubai. Our kids were over-zealously excited and forgot their afternoon nap. Really glad that I brought nothing (WIPs) but my UFO which I had to do some froggings. With the calmness surrounding that I longed before, froggings seemed to be fun *LOL* . Never came to my mind that I would have a good time frogging hehehe. Wished we could stay longer in the hotel...ooppss DH is staring at me hehehehe

DOTW Update

I continued my 'Days of the Week' project (DOTW) when we were home. Managed to stitch 3 more days. Hopefully, I could finish stitching the 'Saturday' & 'Sunday' by end of this week. I think 'Friday' is every stitcher's favourite (shall I say every needleworker) - 'Buy more stash'. Apparently, I usually go to the LNS on Fridays (not every week though ). Will finish off this DOTW as a bellpull.


Lelia said...

This is really cute! Nice job on the bellpull

z_mnor said...

thank you Lelia

I visited your blog and saw your current project, very nice!