Thursday, September 29, 2005

Birthday Gift for Lillie

Lillie is the other September birthday gal who participated in Birthday Exchange 2005. On her birthday - 27th Sept, she opened the all gifts that she had received. That includes a gift from me.

Yes, I also stitched a greetings card- cum - needlebook for her. This one is a bit different from what I stitched for Niza.

For Lillie's needlebook, I stitched on a piece of white aida band. I chose the calla lily pattern with a minor colour change. It is actually comes with an alphabet 'L' , since the aida band is only about 2" wide, I omit stitching the 'L'. To a person who rarely stitch on aida band (this is my 2nd time), initially I found it is a bit tricky to stitch on b'coz of the soft texture plus the smaller fabric count. Now, I wish to buy some aida bands for my stash collection *LOL*

I really enjoy stitching the needlebooks. Thanks to San's needlebook tutorial. It really inspired me to stitch for my friends.


whitecalla said...

And I truly loved it. Thank you so much.
Loved the design too, calla lily or whitecalla, a name that I sometimes use in cyberspace..LOL

z_mnor said...


I'm glad that you love it. It's purely coincidental I stitched the calla lily and your cybername is whitecalla *LOL* .

Hey ! you should've told me earlier that you already have a blog hehehe . Been to your blog just now, would love to see more postings & pics *wink*

Isabelle said...

It is absolutely lovely! Calla Lilies are so beautiful. You matched the colours splendidly.

whitecalla said...

Shyla...m not a good writer and can't produce creative writing, only puts in my mind and hopefully my kids grows up fast enuf to read about mummy's life...LOL..dat's Y I only kept it to myself.

Carol said...

Ooo, that is very pretty! What a great gift idea!!

z_mnor said...

Thank you Isabelle & Carol :)

Have a nice weekend and Happy Stitching!