Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Bit of This and That

Yesterday, somehow my blog page didn't appear on the screen. Apparently, when I logged into Blogger, I saw that there was some major changes in my template which I didn't do it. I'm not sure what was wrong actually, I did emailed to Blogger support Team twice. They responded to my 1st email, and recomended some solutions. anyway, the solutions didn't seem to work. While waiting for their 2nd email, I remembered that I did save a back-up of my blog couple of weeks ago. I'm so lucky! Managed to edit my corrupted template and the blog is up again. Phewww !!!

Last week, the same thing happened to our friend's blog. We called up his wife (my friend) to check on his blog. We forgot to ask him what he did, but his blog is up again 2 days later. Lesson learnt,"always keep a back-up file for your blog", you may not know when it will be needed. Eventhough, I was not regularly back up my blog, luckily I seldom make changes changes to my template. My blog is up with a minor not-so-update info in the side bar links.

Here is the update on my hubby's golf tournament. He didn't make it to the final cut. Hard luck. After all, this was his 1st time qualified to participate in Miri Golf Club Amateur Open (to qualify, the handicap must be 12 and below). Last year, he was on the invitation - invitees played with the final-round qualifiers on the Final day of tournament. Anyway, won a golfbag for the lucky draw is not bad at all *wink*


Gina E. said...

Um...Z, how do you back up your blog? Scuse my ignorance, but I am not good about backing anything up at all. I didn't think you would have to keep back up copies of something like these, because they are in cyberspace, sort of..aren't they? I mean, it isn't just on our own computer files. You can access your blog from anywhere, so why do a backup? Just thought I would ask.

z_mnor said...


Yes, we can access our blog from anywhere. Your postings will be somehow backed up in the cyberspace but you do have to back up your template. Your template might get corrupted i.e. your edits/changes in your blog template won't be showing e.g. links in your side bar are gone missing, graphics not showing etc etc. It is very simple to do a back up actually, I will email you how.

p/s - could u pls email me coz I don't have yr email address & couldn't locate them in your blogs either.

Gina E. said...

LOL, that has happened to me once - everything disappeared! I just turned off the computer and went to bed, and next day, everything was back where it was supposed to be! I thought it must be having a hissy fit. I am emailing you my addy...thanks!