Saturday, September 03, 2005

Sneak Preview - gifts for Sept Birthday Gals

I have finished stitching gifts for Sept Birthday Gals and was going to mail them out yesterday. Then suddenly I remembered this Saturday (today) is the 1st Saturday of Sept. Post Offices nationwide, are closed to public on every 1st Saturday of the month. Mailing out on Monday morning wouldn't be much different as compare to Friday afterrnoon since I'm sending them across the South China Sea (to Penang & to Selangor).

The idea of having extra days with the gifts made me photos frenzy for a while *LOL*. Captured some photos from different angles and did some touch ups, I decided to put a sneak preview pic on my blog.

sneak preview

You may guess what it is (but sorry no pressie for the correct answer hehehe). Will upload the complete pics after the birthday gals have received the gifts safe and sound *wink*

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