Friday, September 23, 2005

While he was out...

Last week, when my hubby was away for business trips, I had some extra time for myself. Decided to stitch another golf pattern for him. This time is the the biggest so far. I've stitched bookmarks, card & golfbag tags for him before.

I was going to finish it as a mini wall-hanging when my hubby saw it and made a special request - he would like to have it finished as something else. I've yet to find the right materials to meet his request.

This pattern is designed by Brenda Davis and been featured in Simply Cross Stitch magazine 1998. I made some colour changes to the pattern and personalised it with my hubby's blog name and the url address.

Today, my hubby will be playing in 17th Miri Golf Club Amateur Open 2005 - one of the tournaments that he has been waiting for this year. The participants are club participants as well as golfers from other clubs in Malaysia and neighbouring countries (Vijay Singh was the club pro way back in the 80's before making a step to join the world tournaments circuit.) Best of luck to my dear hubby!

'Macam Burong Terbang' (in english : 'Fly Like a Bird')


Lelia said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for your husband. Looking forward to reading an update after the tourney.

Lovely blog!

z_mnor said...

Thank you Lelia

Hoping that DH will manage to get thru' the cut to play for the final round on Sunday. Tomorrow he will be playing in the 2nd round : )