Sunday, September 25, 2005

Tiny dozen

I would like to share with you, a picture of the last 2 weeks' finish.

'Tiny dozen' which had finished earlier but I was terribly slow with the finishing off. Actually, I would like to finish it off differently, I was just too lazy to get my sewing machine repaired. Simplest solution is to frame the stitched piece.

This piece is actually a collection of teapot miniature patterns from various sources - magazines & DMC mini booklet. I selected my favourite dozen to stitch and added some laces to make it looks like the teapots are displayed in a cabinet. The stitchcount is not more than 20X20 and stitched on 14ct brown aida
(to non-stitchers : the size of each teapot is approx. 1.5" X1.5" max). I made some colour changes and did extra backstitches.

I've always love teapots and teacups in a needlework version but I don't actually collect teapots.


Zohrah said...

Glad to know the blog is up again as was worried when I don't see anything.

I love all your completed projects as they are so beautiful. Another 80days you won't have time for any stitching done. :) Wishes you best and smooth delivery

Gina E. said...

Oooh, I love that idea! Can I pinch it? The teapots on the lace shelf, I mean. Actually, I have seen a similar idea in a book on quilting. I also love teapot and teacups without collecting the real things, and one of my UFOs is a blackwork picture of same.

z_mnor said...

ooh Thank you Zohrah

Yes, I was surprised when it happened (the blog thing), luckily managed to to do something about it.

My pregnancy - So far everything is fine and I already reduced my needlework activities except for stash shopping *LOL*

z_mnor said...


Of course, you can *wink* . Please share the picture with us when you have done it. I like blackwork as well : )

Anonymous said...

I really like the idea how U do the finishing for the teapot miniature patterns.. they're very sweet n lovely..

~ azie ~

whitecalla said...

Can I curi this idea Cheez ? Had always wondered how to put up those mini charts from the mag..Anyway very innovative, sweet and pretty.

z_mnor said...


I'm eagerly waiting for your finishes. I know that you're one of the big fans of teapots/teacups (needlework version) *wink*

z_mnor said...

Of course Lillie *wink*

Don't forget to let us know when you have uploaded the pics in your blog kay :)