Saturday, September 03, 2005

Stitching Small - Beehive

Feeling itch to stitch more small item after finished stitching gifts for Sept Birthday Gals, I decided to stitch a beehive - a small pattern from Garden Charmers charts collection designed by Diane Arthur of Imaginating.


If you may noticed, I've used this small charts collection for my Fickled Minded Round Robin this year. But the small beehive was stitched by my friend, Nik. When I stitched the beehive, I put bee buttons as embellishment to replace the bee charms. I also did some colour changes.

Fickled Minded RR


Isabelle said...

Oh Zalita, this is just too cute! Those buttons are lovely and I'm envious (I never find such pretty buttons!)

How is your pregnancy going along?


Zohrah said...

What is actually Fickled Minded about the RR? Another designer?

z_mnor said...

Thank you Isabelle :)

I got the buttons via my friend in Kuala Lumpur. Miri LNS sell button as well but with limited choices.

Pregnancy - so far everything is fine. Just that, I feel heavier and lazier to move around *LOL*

z_mnor said...


Fickled Minded RR is the name of 3-stitchers Round Robin I participated earlier this year. All of us are Geminians *wink*

~Harsha~ said...

such a cutie.. i love the beehive!

z_mnor said...

thanks Sha :)

Danielle said...

Both are lovely!! I love beehive designs, and I have not seen either of these before.